Hunter Women’s Health is an independent medical practice that provides a specific focus on women’s health. Staffed exclusively by experienced female doctors, the practice prides itself on providing a friendly, caring and highly professional service for all women.

From puberty to menopause and beyond

Along with general medical concerns, there is a wide range of medical issues affecting women today, including those that impact on emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as physical health. Using a patient centred approach, Hunter Women’s Health takes the time to listen, and to consider the concerns, desires, needs, and lifestyle specific to the individual in order to provide the most suitable and effective health care possible.

Adolescence is a time of development and change, bringing with it opportunities and challenges essential to growth. This time can be confusing and brings with it a range of changes that take place when transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

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Good sexual and reproductive health is important for women’s general health and wellbeing. It is central to their ability to make choices and decisions about their lives, including when, or whether, to consider having children.

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Recognising the special health needs of women beyond the reproductive age is crucial to managing the risk for certain conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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About our doctors

Hunter Women’s Health was founded by Dr Olga Ostrowskyj and Dr Carolyn Hackworthy; two highly experienced female health physicians dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every woman at every stage of life.

Dr Olga Ostrowskyj is a Women’s Health physician with over 30 years experience exclusively on and in Women’s Health. Over the years her job description has included clinical service provider, a teacher/clinical instructor to both doctors, medical students and nurses, a lecturer, a research coordinator and a surgical assistant. Read more ›

Dr Carolyn Hackworthy had the pleasure of working at Hunter Women's Health at Broadmeadow Medical Centre for 10 years.  Carolyn left Hunter Women's Health in mid-June, 2021  to pursue other medical interests which include working at Newcastle University Health Service and assisting in theatre. 


Our services include

Reproductive health
Cervical Screening Tests, Contraception, Menstrual Problems and Concerns, Pelvic Pain, Uterine Problems, Vaginal and Vulval Concerns

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Contraceptive health
Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)

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Breast health
Breast Examinations, Breast lumps, Painful breasts

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Pregnancy health
Pregnancy , Pre-pregnancy advice and investigations, Shared antenatal care with public hospital (Dr Hackworthy only), Postnatal care

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Puberty related
Adolescence & Puberty, Sexual development, Painful periods, Heavy periods, Early or late onset of periods

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Perimenopause or menopause transition, Menopause (i.e. your last menstrual period), Post menopause, Bladder and Bowel, Osteoporosis

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Practicing medicine in the era of COVID has been challenging on many fronts and levels. All patients should be reassured that the utmost vigilance is maintained, and precautions taken in protecting them from being infected with COVID. At the same time in the interest of all medical and administrative staff all patients are strongly advised to be vaccinated against COVID, and if not, seek medical advice.

Telehealth services are available for anyone who has cold & flu symptoms whether the cause be COVID or some other bacterial agent.
As it is mandatory that all practising doctors in NSW be vaccinated, rest assured that Dr Olga Ostrowskyj is triple vaccinated, with fourth vaccination pending.

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Hunter Women's Health is located at the Broadmeadow Medical Centre
154 Lambton Road, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292.

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You can request an appointment by calling 4041 4400 or 4957 6955.