War in Ukraine

We, as human beings living and making a life on this planet, face many challenges in our individual lifetimes.

The challenges of health are always present across the generations. Working in the field of medicine is both a responsibility and a privilege with the core goal of healing and improving the health of people that becomes the platform to live a better life. Yet, we unfortunately see wars undertaken with the intention of wilfully destroying life across all ages and gender. The invasion of Ukraine and the atrocious war against Ukrainians by Putin’s Russia is the current latest example of inhumanity. It is to be condemned unreservedly and in the strongest terms – and I do so as an Australian of Ukrainian ancestry.

I have had the opportunity to visit Ukraine in my professional capacity, three times: on each occasion as a delegate of the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations. During my visits to Ukraine in the 1990s I was able observe the emergence from the wreckage of the former soviet state of Ukraine as an independent country. To witness today the senseless attempted annihilation of its people, the destruction of the country – gives way to disbelief, numbness deep sadness, and a mounting resolve to not let this continue, to do whatever can be done.

Together with members of the Australian-Ukrainian Community of Newcastle and Hunter region Dr Ostrowskyj has joined in assisting the current effort of raising funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Ukraine flag